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An Update on EZ-Suite from Jim McKinney

Dear EZ-Suite Customer,

As many of you have noticed over the past couple of weeks we have experienced some general slowness and couple of brief outages, especially during peak hours. This is due to the rapid growth in EZ-Suite, in particular EZ-QC, as we have been rolling out many new installs of that product. Across the US and Canada we have seen unprecedented volumes and growth for most recyclers and recycling groups.

We performed some maintenance and upgrades over the last couple of weeks to rectify these issues. Last weekend we completed the upgrading of our servers to the newest and next tier of AWS servers. This has doubled our Ram and also doubled our CPU processing capabilities not to mention adding more servers to our server bank. This in itself should resolve most of the issues you experienced and poise us to handle even more exponential growth in the coming year.

We will also be improving our database infrastructure and other efficiencies over the next several months, such as an archival process that allows for

live orders, shipments, deliveries etc. to be the main focus for our 

active servers while historical data will be managed by other servers.  

Some stats that display just some of the increased load we are experiencing.

  • We are tracking around 163,000 EZ-Runner shipments per month (up from 110,000 a year ago), which amounts to 741,000 scans per month collected (up from 502,000 a year ago) – that’s around 25,000 scans per day.

  • In EZ-Route last month we tracked 279,000 deliveries (up from 232,000 for March 2020) a 20% increase. We collect tracking points every 15 seconds, from every one of those routes ran, which accounts for millions per day.

  • In EZ-QC we process around 391,000 orders per month. Most of those orders have multiple pictures associated with them, as do many Route and Runner parts, which amounts to somewhere around 650,000 pictures per month (Compared to 290,000 a year ago). We are adding EZ-QC yards weekly and at an ever growing pace. With QC there is a lot more happening as it joins yards across all YMS platforms and also brings the end customer into the mix.

While we cannot prevent every issue from happening and some of these changes could not happen overnight, we addressed it as quickly as we could and we are always striving to make your EZ-Suite experience better. We will continue to improve performance and add features to build products that make our industry more efficient, productive, and profitable while improving our end customers’ experience.

Thanks for being an EZ-Suite customer – we truly appreciate you.


Jim McKinney


Phone: 419-747-0100