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EZ Customer Comments

Hear directly from people using EZ-Suite at their facility every single day!


Kenny Svec

Bionic Auto Parts

“The EZ QC team has been right by our side as we made the change over and has been super helpful with adapting EZ QC to Bionic's needs and wants.

·         Bulk invoicing is a huge plus and time saver

o   We now invoice out the PRP/MWR truck (typically 60-70 parts) in a matter of 30 minutes or less where it used to take 60-90 minutes

·         Separating by categories

o   We can see at a glance the number of vehicles in queue for dismantle

o   We can see at a glance the number of yard pull orders

o   Easy to pull up your own personal orders and know the status in an instant

·         Route Manager

o   So much faster routing the drivers

o   So much less of a manual process and now more automated

o   Easy tracking of the drivers and gives the drivers more accountability on their routes

Bionic would recommend EZ QC to any yard looking to make an order manager change.   This is so customizable and in our industry one size does not fit all, which is what Bionic really likes about the new EZ QC Order manager.”

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