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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that EZ-Suite is the right consulting software company for me?

EZ Suite was built by auto recyclers specifically for auto part delivery and quality control. With years of experience on staff, and ownership directly involved in this industry, we tailor our products to your specific needs.

How do you customize your services for my company?

We pride ourselves in being adaptable. Being in this industry for many years we know there are a variance of processes being used across different platforms. We have solutions to standardize process and transparency for almost any yard, big or small.

My customers call us constantly looking for delivery updates. Can you help us stay on top of this?

With EZ Suite, transparency of process will be at an all time high. Not only will you be able to quickly determine a delivery estimation, you can also know exactly where a part is during production. We even have our EZ Partner software which allows your end customer even more access to information regarding their orders.

Is EZ Suite one product or more?

EZ Suite is a collection of software programs and applications that work in unison to deliver real time information about your business and orders. Currently EZ Suite consists of EZ Route, EZ Runner, EZ QC and the EZ Partner app. Each of these software programs can work independently but the true power of EZ Suite comes from total integration of all programs. Utilizing all products will improve true transparency between your internal processes, as well as easier communication with customers.

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