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EZ Route

1. Route sending orders from QC.PNG
2. Route sending from Pinnacle.PNG
3. Route sending from Powerlink.PNG
4. Route sending from Powerlink cont.PNG
5. Route sending from ITS.PNG
6. Route sending from ITS cont.PNG
7. Route sending from OrderTrakker.PNG
8. Route sending from OrderTrakker cont.
9. Route Adjusting Route Settings.PNG
10. Route Adjusting Driver Settings.PNG
11. Route Adjusting Truck Settings.PNG
12. Route Navigating routing screen Rout
13. Route Navigating routing screen Mani
14. Route Navigating routing screen DPL.
14. Route Navigating routing screen Time
15. Route Navigating routing screen Maps
16. Route Stops import error.PNG
17. Route Stops Modifying and editting.P
18. Route Stops Manually adding.PNG
19. Route Stops Manually adding order in
20. Route Publishing date.PNG
21. Route Publishing Manifest.PNG
22. Route Navigating Tracking Routes.PNG
23. Route Navigating Tracking Manifest.P
15. Route Navigating tracking screen Map
24. Route Navigating Tracking Manifest o
25. Route Stops Modifying and editting i
26. Route Stops Manually adding in Track
27. Route Stops Manually adding order in
28. Route Android App.PNG
29. Route Apple App.PNG
30. Route App Login.PNG
31. Route App overview.PNG
32. Route App Head to.PNG
33. Route App GPS Arrive.PNG
34. Route App Confirm Arrival.PNG
35. Route App stop details.PNG
36. Route App Signature.PNG
37. Route App additional stop options.PN
38. Route App Route updated.PNG
38. Route Terms Definitions key.PNG
Part Modifier.JPG
failed route log in.jpg
Routes Box.png
Edit address.png
type here to filter with border.png
new customer.PNG
Customer tab.png

EZ Runner

1. Runner importing from QC.PNG
2. Runner importing from QC cont.PNG
3. Runner pinnacle import.PNG
4. Runner Powerlink import.PNG
5. Runner importing from ITS.PNG
6. Runner importing from ITS cont.PNG
7. runner importing from order trakker.P
8. runner importing from order trakker c
9. Runner user permissions.PNG
10. Runner Navigating correct yard and s
11. Runner overview Routes box.PNG
12. Runner overview Ready to ship box.PN
13. Runner overview In transit box.PNG
14. Runner overview incoming Freightbox.
15. Runner overview label.PNG
15. Runner overview shipment history box
17. Runner overview shipment history box
18. Runner add shipment Routes box.PNG
18. Runner add shipment new shipment box
19. Runner additional searchers.PNG
20. Runner Searching Type here.PNG
21. Runner Searching Quick Search.PNG
22. Runner Searching advance Search.PNG
23. Runner Returns return tab.PNG
24. Runner Returns Request.PNG
25. Runner Returns Reviewing Request.PNG
26. Runner Returns Reviewing Request on
27. Runner Returns Reviewing Request aut
28. Runner Returns Reviewing Request pen
29. Runner Returns Responding to incomin
30. Runner Returns Responding to incomin
31. Runner Claims tab.PNG
32. Runner Claims request.PNG
33. Runner Claims request pending.PNG
34. Runner Claims request denied.PNG
35. Runner Claims request approved.PNG
36. Runner import exception.PNG
37. Runner import exception drop down.PN
38. Runner App download android.PNG
39. Runner App login.PNG
40. Runner App select route.PNG
41. Runner App where to go.PNG
42. Runner App Loading.PNG
43. Runner App Unloading.PNG
44. Runner App Depart for....PNG
45. Runner App between stops overview.PN
46. Runner App Manually added.PNG
47. Runner Tools App download.PNG
48. Runner Tools App download apple.PNG
49. Runner tools App login.PNG
50. Runner tools navigation.PNG
51. Runner tools returns.PNG
52. Runner tools grading.PNG
53. Runner tools returned and graded.PNG
54. Runner Order Signifiers.PNG
Terms and Defs.JPG
57. delivery estimator.PNG
56. delivery estimator.PNG
58. Expected Date.PNG
55. Tools.PNG


1 QC Selecting correct filter-view.png
2 QC Selecting correct filter-view.png
3 QC Locating orders.png
4 QC editing adjusting orders.png
5 QC ROute Pickup.png
6 QC Route Pickup.png
7 QC Route Pickup.png
8 QC Route Pickup.png
9 QC RMC.png
10 QC RMC.png
11 QC RMC.png
12 QC RMC.png
13 QC RMC.png
14 QC RMC.png
15. QC App Login.png
16. QC App Orders.png
17 QC App Processing.png
18. QC App Notes and Photos.png
19. QC App process to complete.png
20. QC App process to Pause.png
21. QC App approve-Deny.png
22. QC App Approved with reasoning.png
23. QC App Menu.png
1. Manual entry.PNG
2. Quality Ship Via Users.PNG
3. Edit Users.PNG
4. order fulfillment.PNG
5. WO Report View.PNG
6. ABC Search.PNG
7. right click edit.PNG
8. Standard Filters.PNG
9. Custom Filters.PNG
10 Filter edit.PNG
11. View edit.PNG
13. Exceptions and Errors.PNG
14. Receive Order.PNG
15. edit ship via.PNG
16. Depart Time.PNG
17. Set Scheduled Delivery.PNG
18. Route Pickuo.PNG
19. Route Pickup.PNG
20. Mobile app.PNG
21. picked up.PNG
24. Not Sent.PNG
25. Send to Route.PNG
26. Delivery Information.PNG
27. AB Example.PNG

EZ Partner

1.Partner invite.PNG
2.Partner invite cont.PNG
3.Partner invited.PNG
4.Partner invite email.PNG
5.Partner Create Account.PNG
6.Partner Accepted.PNG
7.Partner Login.PNG
8.Partner Menu.PNG
1. Partner Invite email.PNG
2. Partner user creations.PNG
3. Partner Log In.PNG
4. Partner Menu.PNG
5. Partner user settings.PNG
6. Partner user settings cont.PNG
7. Partner adding user.PNG
8. Partner adding user cont.PNG
9. Partner resolving pending approvals.P
10. Partner resolving pending approvals
11. Partner resolving pending approvals
12. Partner responding to pending approv

EZ Login's login.PNG
EZ Route login.PNG
EZ Runner login.PNG
EZ Runner Tools login.PNG
EZ Quality login.PNG
EZ Partner login.PNG

ConnectWise Instructions

Google Play on homescreen.PNG
ConnectWise in Playstore.PNG
ConnectWise mobile app url.PNG
ConnectWise in Chrome.PNG
live cap mode.PNG
Follow web prompts.PNG

Hollander Integration

services running.JPG
restart service.JPG

Reporting Media

EZ logo (1).png
Progi 2.png
URG Logo.png
RCD logo.jpg
MIdwest Logo 1 No background.png

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