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Why Should You Choose EZ-QC?

The choice is clear. With the added efficiency, transparency and accountability EZ-QC is second to none.

Below are just a few examples of why EZ-QC will change your business for the better.


Transparency With Your Brokered Parts

broker customer approval.png

Broker Approvals

If your broker is using EZ-QC and the order is linked, you will be able to forward the approval to the salesperson at the selling facility. Approving a part will immediately go back to the part puller so they can process your order

Visibility of Broker Workflows

All of the yards using EZ-QC have the ability to have their orders connect to other brokering facilities. If your brokering facility uses EZ-QC, you will have access to see how and when they actually process your part. You can see photos and notes, further promoting transparency within trading groups and between trading partners not a part of a group.

broker workflow.png
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