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Why Should You Choose EZ-QC?

The choice is clear. With the added efficiency, transparency and accountability EZ-QC is second to none.

Below are just a few examples of why EZ-QC will change your business for the better.


Seamless Integration to EZ-Route and EZ-Runner

view delivery information.png

EZ-Route Integration

Utilizing our EZ-Route software in combination with EZ-QC will provide even more tracking and visibility to the entire sales/delivery process. At any time you can simply right click and View delivery information, like the manifest shown to the left. 

You can simply send in orders to your current routing screen directly from EZ-QC. Then you can keep track of the orders being delivered directly from EZ-QC. Seamlessly go from an EZ Route stop to the processing info for that part in QC with the click of a button. 

EZ-Runner Integration

If you are part of a trading group or have multiple facilities as part of your network EZ-Runner will work directly with EZ-QC to optimize your receiving process.

As you scan parts as received within EZ-Runner, EZ-QC will automatically take that information and receive those parts.

We also allow you to quickly and easily print your Runner labels in bulk and send orders to EZ-Runner directly from EZ-QC.  

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